Antoni Maiovvi and BodyheatThis Thursday I’ll be VJing a special Italo Horror movie set for Antoni Maiovvi and Bodyheat DJs Skin_BOT, Georgeo, and Dr.

Antoni Maiovvi is a project started in 2006 by composer Anton Maiof to expand upon the world of horror soundtracks.  Working in the style of old movies conjures a certain internal imagery and a set of nostalgic feelings.  Evoking the memory of movies watched but not well remembered.

Watching sci-fi and horror as a teenager was always exciting because I had no idea what was in store for the future, the movies were setting the bounds of possibility.  However the future in film was a different world, where people struggled with new questions about the nature of humanity.  I’m a little disappointed the real 2013’s uses of technology boil down to new ways to date and advertize.

For Thursday I’ve clipped up several Dario Argento films as well as Blade Runner to somewhat reinstate the imagery that inspired this music.

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A post script
The first scene of Blade Runner is perhaps the classic example of futuristic imagery heightened through a synthesized score.  Hearing those first chords Vangelis lays down is a magical moment.  And rather than attempt to describe all the nuance of this opening, I’ve simply posted the video below for you to enjoy yourself.




Here’s a video of Crowhurst breaking it down (literally at one point) with some of my projections in the background. They were one of many great bands that played for the Higher Life release party at Pehrspace this past Monday, May 20, 2013.

I have to say doing projections for noise is great fun, a real knobs to 11 kinda situation. Thanks again to Stripper Pussy, Resin Cum, Protect Me, Tremellow and Crowhurst.

I’ll be VJing at Pehrspace again on the 3rd of June with Mothers of Gut, Corima, and A++. Check out A++ if for no other reason than to go to a myspace page. How long has it been?  Has myspace entered the realm of nostalgia? For show details visit


A couple of months ago I had the pleasure of running projections for Corima and Upsilon Acrux at the ever lovely Pehrspace.  This video by Rafael Salinas is of Corima’s performance. The video is quite nice and really captures the energy of the show. During the show I was far too immersed in settings and sliders so I loved being able to watch and listen to the performance fully.

It’s a genre that I sometimes associate with elitist hippies and dungeons and dragons, but both Corima and Upsilon Acrux don’t feel connected to the luggage of the subculture. They focus on Prog Rocks best qualities, long songs with lots of phases and complex harmonies. It’s a thick swirling wall of sound, but one that can be separated by careful listening.

In many ways Prog Rock is opposite to the electronic music I love so much.  The drum machine and monosynth create cold spaces akin to modern architecture. Windows and struts are laid out in a precise machine like rhythm, creating a grid of empty space. The emptiness of the space then amplifies details of tone and texture.

On the other hand Prog Rock is like Gaudi’s Sagrada Família. Every surface is worked and filled with little details that appreciate with attention.  Craftsmanship also radiates from the work, the obvious technical difficulty creating a humbling effect.

Corima had just released their latest album Quetzalcoatl, after the Aztec God. The winged serpent who separates Earth from Sky.  In some incarnations he is Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli, making him “lord of the star of the dawn.” And on top of that he invented books, the calendar, and gave the people maize.

You can find an excellent review of the album here:

Thanks again to Sean, the bands, and all who came. In case you missed it, I’ll be VJing for Corima again on June 3rd at Pehrspace.  They’ll be playing with Mothers of Gut and A++. More details at

Michael a Grammar by Broadcast from the album Tender Buttons

Dedicated to the memory of Trish Keenan.  Thank you for sharing your beautiful voice with the world before having to leave all too soon.

Rise into Light


Track is Rise (DFA Remix) by Delia Gonzalez & Gavin Russom
Video composed by Wes Johansen

Treegaze #01


The wind speaks through trees.

by Vanessa LaValle and Wes Johansen

Behold Prophecy Territory!  A video which takes you into the Mayan world and the eve of destruction.  The end ensues but is followed by the beginning.

Prophecy Territory has certainly been the Intuitive Research Society’s largest project to date.  Originally debuting at the Pink Eye Gallery in August of 2011, Prophecy Territory was initially an  ambient  sequence of images connected by the idea of traveling and the fever dream. However over the course of the year we collected more and more of our own footage. These additional pieces all added narrative structure to the work. Most notable were the scenes shot at Joshua Tree.   At the park I shot Vanessa performing as the archetypal mystic and bringer of change.  These shots include the introduction shot and the scene of Vanessa standing on the rocks towards the end. The other bit of footage we added was of myself making chilli.  This footage was shot the day before the installation and added into the final version that night.  The chilli was then served at the opening which happened at the Dutch Door on May 26th 2012.  When the video showed the chilli, a physical link to the audience’s senses was created bringing the installation outside of the screen.


Happy Holidays!


Unwind by the fire.

Smoke Break in the Post Apocalypse

finished in L.A.Come see my new work Daily Life in the Post Apocalypse at Finished in L.A. at Raid Projects, 602 Moulton Ave Los Angeles, California 90031. This show is not to be missed, there are so many great artists involved and a huge variety of work.

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