House, Turned Inside Out: Opening Saturday October 24th in Ohio City

The House at 3601 Siam Drive

The House at 3601 Siam Drive

This Saturday Martin Papcun unveils his new work House, Turned Inside Out.  The installation is literally a house turned inside out.  Walls and ceilings have been sawed out and then flipped.  In this way the interior of the home becomes a display of the building materials that are usually hidden.

Link to House, Turned Inside Out Facebook Event Page

Gordon Matta-Clark's "Splitting" 1974

Gordon Matta-Clark's "Splitting" 1974

Reading about Papcun’s work , one can’t help but think of Gordon Matta-Clark, the man who sliced up building ready to be demolished.  Matta’s artist’s too was the power saw, a key to understanding his work as well as his rebellious attitude.  It gives his work a visceral quality and really gives a person the destructive power needed to single handedly rip apart a building.  Also using a power saw for art is a great comment on technology.  So often the creative and constructive side of technology is focused on because that side is more marketable.   But turn the coin around and you can see that technology is just as enabling in destructive potential.

Despite the nature of the power saw, Matta does create new things.  Strangely these building have more value cut than the did before.  With holes these building become pieces of art that show the viewer something about all building.  Before being cut these building have already been deemed useless by the standards of economic value.

While Matta was working in the seventies, his work is equally topical today. Now more than ever we need to find new values for derelict land.  The first step of this process is to find a new way to perceive the land, which is exactly Martin Papcun and Pop-Up City Cleveland are doing.

Link to New York Times Article on Matta written for his 2007 Whitney Retrospective


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