Prophecy Territory


by Vanessa LaValle and Wes Johansen

Behold Prophecy Territory!  A video which takes you into the Mayan world and the eve of destruction.  The end ensues but is followed by the beginning.

Prophecy Territory has certainly been the Intuitive Research Society’s largest project to date.  Originally debuting at the Pink Eye Gallery in August of 2011, Prophecy Territory was initially an  ambient  sequence of images connected by the idea of traveling and the fever dream. However over the course of the year we collected more and more of our own footage. These additional pieces all added narrative structure to the work. Most notable were the scenes shot at Joshua Tree.   At the park I shot Vanessa performing as the archetypal mystic and bringer of change.  These shots include the introduction shot and the scene of Vanessa standing on the rocks towards the end. The other bit of footage we added was of myself making chilli.  This footage was shot the day before the installation and added into the final version that night.  The chilli was then served at the opening which happened at the Dutch Door on May 26th 2012.  When the video showed the chilli, a physical link to the audience’s senses was created bringing the installation outside of the screen.



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